Mobile website airline list


Hi guys,

On the mobile website the airline list is sorted by airline two letter codes. Unfortunately the two letter codes are not given, only the airline name. This results in an unfortunate jumble of a list. Someone who knows the appropriate code cannot go to it because he cannot see where in the list he is, alphabetically. Nor can you slide right to your airline name, as they are not alphabetical either. It’s a frustrating experience. For example, when I track my SkyWest (OO) flights the list looks like this:

MN Airline D/B/A Sun
Island Express
Caribbean Sun Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Skylink Aviation
SkyWest Airlines

How am I supposed to find that in a list?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for you comment! I agree the mobile dropdown is a frustrating experience and, following your feedback, we’ve improved it.

Two changes:

  • Airline names are now displayed by alphabetical order of their name (rather than by their ICAO codes, as was previously). This should help a lot.

  • ICAO codes are now displayed in brackets for quick recognition.

See an example below:

Following our normal testing and release cycle, you should see the changes live tomorrow as of 4pm CST.

As you may or may not know, there are two regulatory organizations (IATA and ICAO) that (among other things) set airline codes. Two letter IATA codes are predominantly used in the US, while three letter ICAO codes are used internationally. FlightAware usually displays both, but when constrained by space (as is the case here), we favor ICAO codes. Hence, SkyWest will be displayed as SKW rather than OO.

Let me know how these changes work for you! Keep in mind we also have substantially improved mobile apps coming out on all major platforms in a few months.