Mobile Tracking

I have devised a way to configure a RasPi w/ internet in car and antenna in the roof. I know site works as receivers being ground stations (since it wants the antenna location and elevation). Could it handle a mobile receiver setup? May be helpful when I am out driving on the job around the city giving status reports while I move around the city, or as I head out of town on road trips.

If you run gpsd on the Pi, yes.

Could a build of PiAware not be made that adds GPSD I had a devil of a job trying to get it working so gave up. (Beyond my pay grade)

The details of setting up gpsd depend a lot on the hardware you connect to it. Trying to cover all the possible hardware would be a large support task that I don’t want to take on.

I believe Flightaware’s Android App “Flight Scanner”, if installed on a phone/tablet with integral GPS, dynamically sets location using phone/tablet’s GPS, provided:

  1. In “Settings” of Flight Feeder, “Antenna Location” is set to “Auto”
  2. Phone/Tablet’s GPS is turned on.

Note: “Flight Scanner” was originally named as “Flight Feeder” .

Tested while on move, and confirmed.
Flight Scanner does set receiver location dynamically if Phone’s GPS is turned ON and “Antenna Location” is set to “Auto”.

I would think gpsd would abstract that away from piaware, as it does for most software. It would provided a standard API for code to interrogate for coordinates. Piaware could simply state “a properly configured gpsd” as a prerequisite for mobile stations, couldn’t it? Doing so would put the burden on the user to get gpsd working with their particular hardware…

Just a thought.


That is exactly what piaware already does. If you have a properly configured gpsd then it’ll talk to it.

The complexity that I don’t want to take on is in how to configure gpsd to talk to your particular hardware, that’s something that each user needs to work out.

There are two way to connect a GPS to a raspberry pi. One is through the GPIO header pins and the other is through the USB port.

The GPIO way can be complicated and FlightAware is not able to support this. You need to know the pinout for the GPIO and then how to physically hook up the GPS and then finally to install the drivers to use those pins. There is also no easy way to troubleshoot any wiring problems. Connect a wire to the wrong GPIO and it will not work.

The USB GPS dongles are much more plug and play. This is the preferred method for most people. Also, FlightAware will not support setup of the GPS module but we can troubleshoot problems with GPSd and PiAware not working together.

TLDR: Definitely go with the “USB GPS receiver” setup. Amazon and eBay and whatever online store has them fairly cheap :slight_smile:

There are youtube videos with step by step instructions.
Look up “stratux GPS setup” on youtube.
or google for “stratux GPS setup instructions”

Oh, gotcha. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarification.