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Check again when the Dbacks need to fly as the Dbacks likely bus’ed like everyone else does going from los angeles to san diego.

btw, tail numbers can change frequently - what you need to focus on is flight numbers. The two flight numbers of the teams I like the most are holding true to their charter needs.


Anyone have any idea about the Texas Rangers information? It looks like they flew to California on American but for their flights to Seattle and Oakland there weren’t any American flights around the times they would have flown.


Looks like the Rangers are back to Atlas Air again. That’s who they used all last season except for the playoffs. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/GTI7632/history/20170419/2300Z/KOAK/KDAL


Dbacks are still using American. Flight number tonight is the same as before: AAL9461. American doesn’t usually show the charter flights til they are already in the air, which makes them a little harder to find sometimes. Tonight’s flight was actually listed by the tail number which I’ve never seen them do before, but when you pull it up, it comes up with the flight number.



Oakland A’s on N801DM today to Seattle. Seems as though most MLB teams are switching their flight info almost every roadtrip.


Rangers fly on N767MW. Flight number seems to change every few weeks. They have used GTI7632, 7633, 7634 this year.




Patriots have purchased two 767s to use as their team planes this upcoming season.
espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/2028 … own-planes



Can’t wait to do some plane spotting in PVD for that.

What will the callsign be? Patriots? Humble Pie? GOAT?


N O Saints will be on United again this year, UA 2541.

There last flight back from the L A Chargers . B753…


What flight number are the Dallas Cowboys using this season…I couldn’t find anything on their trip to Denver


Looks like Texas A&M also used UA2541 for their trip to the UCLA game (CLL-LAX-CLL). As an Aggie fan I would NOT have wanted to be on that flight home :frowning:


Cowboys used to be AA9404, now AA9458.

Guess United running out of charter numbers! Lol.


N O Saints heading to London vs Miami next Sunday

Virgin Atlantic A340-600


Here’s the first Patriots flight on their new 767, N36NE, from PVD to TPA:



Air Kraft


Does anybody know the Houston Rockets flight number for this upcoming season?


Heard on liveatc the Patriots coming back into PVD, they used the callsign 36 November Echo Heavy.

also Steelers using two Miami Air 738s for their team plane



Seahawks @ Giants - DL B764



Atlanta Hawks: DL8918 (KATL)
Boston Celtics: DL8919 (KBED - Hanscom Field)
Brooklyn Nets: DL8920 (KEWR)
Charlotte Hornets: DL8921 (KCLT)
Chicago Bulls: DL8922 (KORD)
Cleveland Cavaliers: DL8923 (KCLE)
Dallas Mavericks: N801DM (MLW Aviation LLC; KDAL)
Denver Nuggets: DL8924 (KDEN)
Detroit Pistons: DL8925 (KPTK - Oakland County Int’l)
Golden State Warriors: DL8926 (KOAK)
Houston Rockets: PMM757 (Pinnacle Air; KHOU)
Indiana Pacers: DL8927 (KIND)
Los Angeles Clippers: DL8928 (KLAX)
Los Angeles Lakers: DL8929 (KLAX)
Memphis Grizzlies: DL8930 (KMEM)
Miami Heat: BSK391 (Miami Air International; KMIA)
Milwaukee Bucks: DL8931 (KMKE)
Minnesota Timberwolves: DL8932 (KMSP)
New Orleans Pelicans: DL8933 (KMSY)
New York Knicks: DL8934 (KHPN - Westchester County)
Oklahoma City Thunder: DL8935 (KOKC)
Orlando Magic: DL8936 (KMCO)
Philadelphia 76ers: DL8937 (KPHL)
Phoenix Suns: DL8938 (KPHX)
Portland Trailblazers: DL8939 (KPDX)
Sacramento Kings: DL8940 (KSMF)
San Antonio Spurs: DL8941 (KSAT)
Toronto Raptors: DL8942 (CYYZ)
Utah Jazz: DL8943 (KSLC)
Washington Wizards: DL8944 (KIAD)