MLAT set to off or not?

My “Site Information” says it’s off and I have used dos command line SSH to make certain.

However when I look at “Nearby Sites” panel it surprisingly shows a check mark.

So, is it on or is it off, or is it true that it’s actually both? :wink:

BTW where did all the emojis go? Only got a handful.

Also the command line claimed PiAware was not running, then that it was.

My site page said there were anomalies (worrying) and then did not bother to say what they were (unhelpful)?

Are FA having a really bad day or something?

You enable it on your website
It requires a piaware restart or waiting a while for the change to take affect.

Look at the logs for anomalies. You can see many from your flightware link.
(it could just be that MLAT is not enabled).

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Yes, and you can do it from the SSH, and both methods require a restart. It was restarted. It is the discrepancy which has me puzzled, not the methods.

On checking the logs at the time, it did not mention anything awry. Hence asking what might be going on with it seeming to be contradicting itself.

Thanks for the input all the same!

The nearby sites checkmark means that the site some mlat results recently - not that it’s necessarily producing results right now. Your site was producing mlat results up to the 3rd.

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Thanks for that. Better to know.

How many days/weeks is it supposed to take for “recently” to expire and be replaced by the actuality?

Also if a station started to do MLAT after a break, how long does it take for that to show up? Or are they subject to the same lag?

It looks for mlat positions in the last week.