MLAT outages

I note that every day between about 10:30 UTC and 12:30 (my lunchtime) my MLAT Tracking count drops to 0 they run at about 50 before and after.
Is there any reason for this?

What hardware are you running? (RPi B, RPi2, etc) Are you connecting to the box and running anything in that time frame?


Just worked out how to add picture to original posting.

its running on a dedicated RPi 3B, with 7mar sd image from Nothing happening at my end during that period that I can think off. Other stats arriving at FA during this period and internet working normally.
I’m new to all this but noticed it since I started 4 days ago.
Is there one central server that handles mlat ?

no clue from piaware lots of entries like:

04/02/2016 11:26:24 mlat(2015): Receiver status: connected
04/02/2016 11:26:24 mlat(2015): Server status: synchronized with 134 nearby receivers
04/02/2016 11:26:24 mlat(2015): Receiver: 1341.0 msg/s received 24.3kB/s from receiver
04/02/2016 11:26:24 mlat(2015): Server: 0.0 kB/s from server 0.1kB/s TCP to server 3.1kB/s UDP to server
04/02/2016 11:26:24 mlat(2015): Results: 5.1 positions/minute
04/02/2016 11:26:24 mlat(2015): Aircraft: 48 of 96 Mode S, 63 of 158 ADS-B used
04/02/2016 11:30:33 1546740 msgs recv’d from dump1090-mutabi (4372 in last 5m); 1545285 msgs sent to FlightAware
04/02/2016 11:35:33 1551363 msgs recv’d from dump1090-mutabi (4623 in last 5m); 1549908 msgs sent to FlightAware
04/02/2016 11:40:33 1555818 msgs recv’d from dump1090-mutabi (4455 in last 5m); 1554363 msgs sent to FlightAware
04/02/2016 11:41:25 mlat(2015): Receiver status: connected

if you run dmesg -t does it show the dongle disconnecting and reconnecting?

I asked this previously and obj said that there are server capacity problems causing it and they are waiting for some new hardware:


Resolved by todays mlat server changes. Thanks obj.