MLAT Network visualisation?

Hi all - just had an idea, dont know if it’s of any interest / value to anyone…

My reciever’s currently synced with 85 nearby for MLAT.

What do we think to a map, showing:

  • Home Receiver Location
  • Currently synced MLAT receivers (known from user details)
  • radius / blob showing max MLAT range from home + synced recievers?

Suggest this would be a “map” option, with live aircraft etc over the top?

Sounds cool - any interest / use to anyone?

I’d find that kind of interesting!

Although, for my money, what would me more interesting would be to plot each receiver’s range creating a “heat map” of how many MLAT sites cover any given point.

Yes - I understand this is orders of magnitude more difficult - not sure it could be done outside the backend of the whole site. But to me that would be very cool and very interesting!

The coverage map does something a little similar: (you can set it so you see only mlat positions)

Gathering/showing the receiver pairings is quite a lot of work as it varies from moment to moment.

It might be interesting to have a separate mlat polar plot / range histogram, that’s not a huge amount of work.