New ADS-B Coverage Map


Check out FlightAware’s new coverage map:

Legend and checkboxes for enabling/disabling different types of data are at the bottom and a altitude slider is on the left to control altitude.


:bulb: Any plans to add that to each sites map page to view just your own data? With the option to select/deselect different sites if you have multiple sites. 8)


Very good data representation. I like the separation by type and altitude.
There seems to be an anomaly in MLAT data at 30-40 K in the Pacific. There seems to be a lot of transpacific routing that would seem more appropriate to ‘projected’.
Happy new year and wishes for CAVU conditions.


What a great suggestion. would love to see my coverage history. Present antenna home made collinear using RG6 CATV cable has greatly improved my coverage.


Not with the current approach. Those map layers are periodically rendered from the position feeds, taking a few hours of CPU time each. To do it for each of 4k sites individually would need something fundamentally different.


I don’t see any mlat data at 30-40k over the Pacific?


I don’t either now. Maps to ‘oceanic’. I don’t recall seeing oceanic option when I first looked at the page - maybe aging eyeball syndrome.


What period of time is the coverage based on?


Thanks for the insight. I suppose ultimately the best way to achieve this would be to process log data locally at each site, which I assume is presently beyond the capability of the processor and memory used at most sites (i.e. piaware on Raspberry Pi). Many thanks for the efforts of all concerned in giving us such a fantastic product.


I believe it’s generated daily using data from the prior 24 hours.


I asked because there is an octagonal track at 41000ft over southern England created in November by a Sentinal aircraft.




fmsdata is autopilot data coverage - this is fairly close to general ADS-B coverage because ADS-B v2 will send this data spontaneously.

fmswx is derived weather data which generally requires the extended Mode S data (heading, mach, etc). This coverage is a bit more interesting because this data requires deliberate interrogation from a SSR; you can see distinct patterns in the coverage which reflect SSR service areas.


What is the source of this data? FlightFeeder 7.9.2 ?


PiAware 3.6.2 or FlightFeeder 7.9.1 or newer software is required.


Like rendering with OpenCL maybe? :wink:

What’s strange is that in US, FMSWX seems to be requested only by 4-5 interrogating radars (SSR)?
The full list:


Yes, most US radars don’t interrogate for the EHS data apparently.


I’m in the zone of one of the interrogating ones and I have assumed that’s the same every where. I learned something interesting.