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MLAT Listening

Hello, I hear that you can listen to MLAT Radio via ADS-B. I’m a mac user what app do you recommend me to listen to atc? How to do it if I’m a beginner (And don’t know anything) Thanks.

Mlat can’t be listened to. It is data.

Try liveatc.net to listen to ATC.

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I should add that their are plenty of overseas ATCs to listen to. It is t technically legal in some countries, like England (from what I understand) but fun none the less.
I learned to fly just outside of Sydney, Australia. I currently live in NYC. I enjoy listening to the tower back in Aus.

Do you mean ACARS???

Newyork (KJFK)


In addition to ADS-B, aeronautical data transmissions are available in VHF with ACARS, and on HF with HFDL.

ACARS is not as popular as it once was, but HFDL still is due to its much longer range.

How-to Install AcarsDeco2 on Pi2 or Pi3 already running Raspbian Stretch and dump1090 (mutability or fa)

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Could we clarify if this is one question or two?

There is good info above, but I’m not sure it answers your question/s.
Are you interested in data for decoding or voice communication?