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MLAT Issue, Pi aware is getting multiple errors

Setup is a pro-stick plus, Pi 2 with 8 mb micro SD, Pi-aware V 3.8.1. dongle is plugged directly into the pi board. I also tried updating the raspberry pi program. Getting error on web site MLAT not connected, on Pi-aware I am getting a timing error. (Have verified MALAT is enabled, coordinates are as close as I can get them. I had MLAT for one on the web page it does not last and will not resync.
Looking at the Pi-aware system logs I see the following errors. ssh exited with error status 255 and second mlat-client (1986) server status: clock unstable. third error showing is Cannot add dependency job for unit wait-for-usb-drivers.service. these errors repeat. can anyone explain what I am seeing and suggest a correction to fix this please. Thanks Steve AG4SO

I had this issue with my old setup and it was caused by the CPU being maxed out making the clock unstable might be worth a look into

most common reason for MLAT issues: power supply insufficient / is dying.

Get an Raspberry Pi Official power supply, that avoids power issues.

(if you have sth adjustable and a reasonably low Ohm path to the pi, 5.25 V tend to work well)