MLAT disabled - Newbie


Hello all. Newbie here.
I have a wifi setup with an compact antenna.
The set up went well, but the only issue is that on the stats page the MLAT box is red.
My location is correct…

Thanks in advance !


nope - location is not set



Thanks Tom!


perfect :slight_smile:


I had the same issue for days and days here ! I finally discovered it WAS my lat & long inputs ?I went to I believe 5 different lat & long sites and input my address here in Arizona?Each time I went to a new site I would then input the lat & long numbers for this address.I think it was the 4th. site I went to and put their numbers in m location area.And my red box went away and I started to sync up with other receivers ? And it has been up and running non stop for four days non stop 24/ 7.Try a couple of other lat & long sites and try a few different number inputs? All I can say it worked for me.


You could have found your correct coordinates from the FA page, by clicking on the gear icon.


Yes,I tried that and it didn’t seem to like that? Its all up and running fine now though.And all is well…
Thanks for your reply…
Steve / N7DPX


I used to use an expensive Magellan handheld GPS, now I just use my phone and a GPS app (GPS Test). That’ll give you a location accurate to a meter.
One error is to enter ‘degrees, minuets, seconds’ when ‘decimal degrees’ is expected.


Thanks for your reply.

I knew about the decimal degrees input.

I use several different ham radio software programs that

require input of Lat & long data.

It was for some reason I was having a bit of trouble getting the data

imputed into my FA software.

But all is well and running fine now. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Steve / N7DPX / Lakeside,AZ.


For those that use google maps. You can right click on the map and select the “what’s here” option and it will display the Lat and Lon coordinates for the place right clicked on.


For those that are using the FlightAware my-ADSB location option (click on the gear icon and then on configure location).

Move the marker to your location and then select “ok”. It will update the coordinates where the marker is set.