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MLAT Data in Flight Track Log

This is new to me but i could be unobservant.


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Been there for as long as i’m feeding, which is a little less than a year.

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Is there a particular kind of flight where you get mixed data one from direct observation and one from MLAT? I have almost 5 million MLAT positions in the last 30 days and have never seen them listed in the track logs.

Have to clean my glasses.


Hmm. MLAT flights are not mentioned in the “Recent Flight tracked by your receiver” section because the positions are not attributed to single stations.

But clicking a MLAT flight from SkyView, i often checked the number of stations.

(Which gets low for low flying planes here because we have some hills/mountains around and the closest feeders to my position are 20 nmi away, which isn’t far but i’m talking 1000-2000 ft AGL here)

Getting mixed MLAT/ADS-B positions in a track log can mean that a station is refeeding MLAT data as ADS-B.
Do you have a link to the track log?

Flight in Progress

That looks perfectly normal. Not sure which positions actually have priority in this case. The FAA data can be very coarse, so could well be the MLAT data is prioritized.

Also no ADS-B data in this track log so everything fine.
Why would the different data types not be mixed?

Edit: the changeover in this case looks very random.

I now realize I may have never looked at an MLAT flight data as I almost always look up flights for which I have contributed positions. I have no reason to not to think that all data types would be listed just that I had not observed it previously. Although I have not seen any SAT reported data is of yet nor would I know it if I saw it unless it was attributed.

Those positions are hidden from the track log unless you pay for the space based ADS-B stuff i believe.

If you use an ipad, they do not show the mlat info, or maybe only if you use a 12.9 version :grin:

I don’t see that. Where exactly?
LE: Ah, I found it.

Too bad we cannot drill down to see what stations contributed to the positions. Maybe by IP address or something else short and easy. Somehow it doesn’t currently give me that feeling of contribution that seeing your station listed gives you.