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MLAT and Gps not working

Hello, I am new here, I have just received my feeder, the initial installation was done on site proposed and the feeder was perfecting working, but due to the network coverage issue I was forced to change to a different location which is 12km from the initial place.

Now I have installed the feeder, but my MLAT goes from green to yellow frequently and gps says not tracking any satellites antenna fault, may I know how to solve this issue ? Should I have to change the location ? My site number is 113705. Thank you

Please contact adsbsupport@flightaware.com for FlightFeeder support. Antenna fault indicates a problem in the cabling or antenna itself.

Thank you will contact them, may I know how to change the location please? This is the error I am getting

Site 113705

  1. This feeder is not being used for multilateration because its timing information appears to be unreliable. This can be caused by the site location being incorrect, or because your Pi is running out of free CPU.

The location is set automatically from GPS. Your GPS is not working; once it’s working again, the location will automatically update. You cannot manually set the location.