Missing vital information in ArrivalStruct

The information provided in ArrivalStruct, DepartureStruct and other similar don’t have information about the flight that I’m looking for.
If you open https://flightaware.com/live/airport/UMKK and go to any flight you can see that it has 2 types of identity: i.e.
Belavia 948
BRU948 / B2948

BRU948 is what returend now (not sure what is this and where it’s used), but what is required for me is 2nd name B2948
Actually it’s even B2 948 (formatted).
I need something similar without extra calls to API.

How can I achieve this?

You might try using the FlightXML 3 Beta call AirportBoards. It would return the following:

“ident”: “BRU949”,
“faFlightID”: “BRU949-1518935142-airline-0112”,
“airline”: “BRU”,
“airline_iata”: “B2”,
“flightnumber”: “949”,