Missing/unreliable tracking since middle of November


Since about the middle of November it seems the site is missing a lot of activity for a lot of airframes. Occasionally a specific flight will show up but most are missed entirely. Before Nov 17th these frames were all tracked pretty reliably. Is this a problem with the incoming data, or the site itself? And any idea when it might be fixed?

Just a couple examples of the many tail numbers that have been showing these symptoms:



I suspect we have flight tracking information for the flights those planes are operating, we’re just not getting the tail number tied up to the rest of the flight details. We can receive the tail number information a few different ways, so availability depends on which of our coverage areas they’re in. Also a couple of them do have recent flights, so we’re getting it at least some of the time.


Interesting. It seems like Flight Radar gets tail information and associates it with the flight number pretty reliably for these flights, but Flight Aware doesn’t, at least since mid November. I wonder what changed. It’s a bummer because I really prefer Flight Aware for tracking.