Missing history

I seem to be having issues seeing aircraft history past the initial page. In some cases I can’t see any history at all. It seems to have started Jan. 1st. Same issue with the Ipad and desktop.

I’am having the same problems here since the 1st

What seems to be the issue? The page not loading? What were you looking for more past flights of?

The workaround I came up with is to clear the browsing history of my device. What I was getting is hard to explain. With some aircraft I ended up with what I would describe as about 10% of the page graphics…no history at all and no aircraft picture…like I was on dialup and waiting for the rest to load.

On other aircraft I would get the first page like normal but when I selected more history the next page was just a white screen with a few filter buttons…again like it was taking forever to load.

And with other aircraft everything worked fine. I would have all three issues during a single browsing session. Since I cleared my device history it seems to be working fine…at least with my iPad, not sure about my desktop.

This should be addressed. Let us know if it continues to happen.