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Missing flight? ET864 DAR-ADD 10 Nov 19

Hi, My wife was supposed to travel DAR-ADD on ET864 on 10 Nov 2019, departing 17h55. Received an SMS that the flight was delayed to 20h00. When she arrived at the airport at 18h15 she was told the SMS was an error and the flight had left and she should go home.

When I called to re-book, Ethiopian told me the flight had indeed left at 20h00.

In reviewing flights on FlightAware, I can find no record of the DAR-ADD leg. The plane usually comes from Comoros, but the info on HAH-DAR is that the flight was diverted to ADD. But I can find a record of an arrival in ADD of a flight from HAH.

I feel like we are getting the runaround from Ethiopian Airlines. Would love to find some info on what actually happened. Was there a flight from DAR to ADD on 10 Nov that departed around 20h00??

Any help is appreciated.

If you can get the tail number (i.e. aircraft registration/identification) for the purported 2000 flight from Ethiopian, then that may be easier to track down (delayed flights or flights on replacement equipment are often less reliable in terms of using the scheduled flight number)

Thanks, I’ll give them a call and see if they can provide.

From what I can tell, flight ET864 (Tail ET-ASI, a B788) has a normal routing of HAH-DAR-ADD. On Sunday 10 November, this flight bypassed DAR (diverted) and flew direct from HAH to ADD. That is what I can find, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.