Missing clarity on what each plan includes and permits and API documentation


I’m testing flightxml3, with a starter plan for now, and I’m having many questions on what each method returns accordingly with the current plan subscribed.
An example that I’ve discovered, is for example the FlightInfoStatus method, that does not execute at starter plan when I use include_ex_data = true. Questions: What extra data is returned, and starting from what plan I can access that data?

I’m also trying to use the method DecodeFlightRoute for a faFlightID returned by the method FlightInfoStatus. But reading documentation, it seems that FlightInfoStatus must return a “route”, indicating that I can use the method DecodeFlightRoute. The thing is that I dont find any flight with route to use the method.
This flight https://flightaware.com/live/flight/UAE406, it seems to have route defined, although FlightInfoStatus is not returning route for that flight.

Can you please help me on this?


The include_ex_data argument impacts any field with one of these words in it: blockin, blockout, gate, terminal, seats, bag

Flight route decoding is only possible for US domestic flights at this time.


Is there any “map” on we can see clearly what each plan permits in terms of API methods options and data returned?

Another question, if you can help, regarding FlightInfoStatus returned object, what is the difference between:
filed_departure_time Timestamp? Runway filed departure time
estimated_departure_time Timestamp? Runway estimated departure time
actual_departure_time Timestamp? Runway actual departure time

Estimated, is what is planed, actual, the real time of departure, filed? Or am I wrong? Thanks

Not currently for each call or method. We are, hopefully, going to be working on a way to more clearly identify what calls or methods are available for each plan.

Are you asking what each timestamp is, or what is estimated vs actual?

Thanks cbw.

That “mapping” information is needed to clarify interested individuals or companies like us. We are interested, but if the documentation is not clear, it gives space to doubts and many time spent to try if it is possible to implement your API,
We dont want to subscribe and “see” later what we can get, for trial and error, while testing.

For now I still don’t know how can I have access to “Maps and Imagery” item, starting from Silver. Still, I dont know how can I query the actual position for a flight, besides GetTrackInfo, that I’m trying to test without success.

In other post, I’ve picked a random flight from for live tracking, queried FlightInfoStatus, and with that ident, queried GetTrackInfo, and it does not return anything… so you know till now I’m not very happy with theses tests…

Regarding the time question, I was asking what means the filed_departure_time, and the difference between actual_departure_time. It is not the same?

Thanks in advance.

There are many methods that are still not in FXML3 as the product is not feature complete and still in Beta. I want to make it easier for user to identify what queries they can use based on their plan and also allow users a way to use all queries, although very limited, for the starter plan, but we will have to work that in over time.

If you have questions about specific methods, let me know the flightid or what your query was and I will try and assist as much as possible to give you understanding about whey there was or was not data present after the call.

As far as the time questions go, filed_departure_time is the time which the flight was scheduled to depart. (It is not an estimate, but the time which was provided to us from the flight plan or schedule) Actual_departure_time is the time when the even actually happened. Filed is when it is supposed to happen, actual is when it did happen.

Thanks for your response,

So, I’m still in doubt whats the difference between scheduled and file. And what is the most reliable, if i can ask this way.
It is supposed to a flight depart a certain time. Is that scheduled or filed?

Regarding that FlightXml3 is in Beta, in other post I asked if is it possible to use both API versions for same account. Because I’m not happy with this instability and uncertainty of what can I use in FlightXML3. As I said, I dont want to pay for something that is not working as mentioned in the plan you sell.

Saying that, I dont know, even if subscribing something in these conditions, and you “giving” 50% discount on the plans, if it worths.

There is no filed vs scheduled. You mentioned filed and actual previously. The flight plan or airline schedule provides the filed time and the actual time is the time it actually departs.

FlightXML2 is feature complete and all of the methods work there. The only difference is that charges are per query and not in a tier or bundle. If you would like to use FXML2, there should not be any issues with methods not included or them being restricted based on your plan. Everything is available to any user in FXML2, just that different queries cost different amounts.

Hello again,

I still have this question that was unanswered:
From what plan I can use include_ex_data to get the extended data?


Should be Silver

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@cbw ok, thanks.
Another question: what do you mean with “20 characters” ?

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