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Might as well track the Hurricane Hunters

Well since its all in range here’s a screen grab of a C130J Hurricane Hunter flying through Hurricane Dorian.


My turn…


And it’s gone: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/skip20092017#stats-82531

Let’s hope it will come back when local power is restored, might just be a downed powerline!

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My station is down, either lost power or internet…or the house. Here’s one of the P-3 Orions in the eye of Dorian last nite.


The weather stations along the coast have winds gusting to 60 knots: https://skyvector.com

(tooltips for the dots show METAR)
Also the radar / satellite overlay is nice.

Yes- sometime just prior to 1:30am went dark. We’ll see if it comes back on its own or if its an “extended outage.” I also have webcam there, but its also down, so I’m blind and deaf as to actual conditions on the ground. All I can do is wait…

I really should be worried about the house instead of a hundred dollars worth of electronics, I suppose. But I am concerned that the only homemade collinear I ever made that worked really really well didn’t survive the storm.


Priorities of a true hobbyist :airplane:
Here the wind started to pick up, and we are far from eye.

TEAL79 is having “fun”: