Hurricane Hunters?

Can we track the hurricane hunters? I understand there are two types of planes, one being a G-V that goes around the storm but not in it. Does anyone know their tail numbers? I know right now they would probably be considered an international flight, but was wondering in case we can track part of their flights. Thanks.

I dont think so the “HURRICANE HUNTERS” are Air Force WC-130J AIrcraft that fly out of Keesler AFB Mississippi,since they are military i dont think those are trackable.

The USAF Hurricane Hunters out of Keesler should not be confused with the NOAA Hurricane Hunters, based out of its Aircraft Operations Center at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida, who use their WP-3D Orion and Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft for this mission.

I don’t believe that any of these aircraft would be trackable on FA.

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You can track the USAF and NOAA hurricane hunters @

just click on “High Density Observations”. It also lists the flight plans for the day.

It just requires a little effort.

Ther format is:: Time (UTC), Lat, Long, xxxx, xxxx, pressure (estimate surface)*, xxx, xxx, xxxx, flight level wind (kts), est surafce wind (kts).

  • the format is tenth’s of millibars. So 9832 is 983.2 mb. If pressure > 999.9 mb the read 1 is omitted for the report: 1011.8mb is 0118.

I found this from