Midwest Airlines no more

I was reading the wikipedia article for Midwest and apparently the last legacy flight for YX was yesterday and that the operating certificate expired today, November 3, 2009. I could not find a story about this particular event but I found an article from October 15 about how Midwest is no more.

biztimes.com/blogs/milwaukee … ne-anymore

There is nothing on their website about it, but there is a lot of info regarding the various alliances they are in. There are a bunch of MEP flights listed on the scheduled departures list at MKE but not one MEP flight airborne, looks like a true story as far as XY goes. The alliances are still active, Sky West, Republic etc.

Yep, last flight for the original Midwest Express crews and Boeing 717 was last night,

flightaware.com/live/flight/MEP2 … /KBOS/KMKE

Midwest will continue to operate but now a part of Republic Airways Holdings and flights will operate with CRJ-200 (Skywest), E135 & E145 (Chautauqua), E170 & E190 (Republic) and A319 (Frontier).

Never got a chance to fly on their 717 but it was supposed to very nice with the 88 seats in the 2x2 configuration. Sad to see them go and good luck to the former MEP employees.

I never flew with them either, but I did get to see one of their 717’s as it was just about to roll off the assembly line in Long Beach. Nice. I did get to fly the 717 simulator too, that was sweet.

John in Saudi

Loved those cookies. miss the airline although a bit pricey.

They still serve the cookies on most YX flights (on Republic and Frontier).