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Massive Upload from Piaware

This is odd. A 566MB upload to FlightAware. Is this due to caching of data due to a connectivity issue?

That UDP IP+port will be mlat upload data. 566MB in 6 hours is unusually high (that’s around 26kB/s sustained); usually it would be <10kB/s even on a busy site. There’s no buffering.

That rate also disagrees with what the mlat logs say. On the 17th (UTC day) your mlat upload rate peaked at around 2.5kB/s (and was substantially lower than that most of the time). Your non-mlat total upload for the whole day of the 17th was around 205MB.

Do you trust your monitoring system?

Nope. Not any more. That was a firewall report. Meraki switches showing <95mb of transfer the past 24 hours.

Thanks for the info!