Map Detail


Besides wishing there were more detail beyond US borders (contiguous parts of Canada and Mexico, mostly, in some maps there is nothing at all beyond the borders), I’ve long wondered about that line down the middle of Lake Michigan. I’ve never seen it, despite having flown over the lake numerous times. Ciao, Jan (near CID)


I don’t see the line. Can you point to a map where it’s appearing?


I see that line, Daniel.

Check any flight en route KORD/KDTW. The line in Lake Michigan is the state boundary between IL and MI. Also the eastward extension of the IL/WI boundary crosses through Lake Michigan to the MI boundary.


Oops, there it is in Lake Superior, also. They are political boundaries. For some reason I had not noticed them elsewhere (I am much more likely to be looking at the Chicago area. I see, also, that in areas such as south of SAN there is a bit more detail than there was. The yawning gulf seems appropriate only over water. Major salient features (if a bit dimmer) beyond the borders are appreciated to maintain orientation. Thanks, Jan