Manchester U.K. to ORD what happened there ?

i only heard that a flight from Manchester returned to Manchester , landed and blew out tires… why was flight returning ? Closed airport for several hours … didn’t they dump fuel… heavy load must’ve ripped those tires?

Not all aircraft are capable of dumping fuel in flight. Depending on the emergency, it may have been more important to get the aircraft on the ground even if it meant being over the landing weight.

I checked American and BMI websites (two airlines that fly from Manchester to Chicago nonstop) and couldn’t find any delayed or canceled flights for that route.

A story just appeared tonight, on Chicago Tribune site… a hydralic light came on, the flight was canceled . airport closed for 2 hours and 17 flights diverted. must have been AA 55 Man/Ord. Daily non-stop.

The American Airlines page now shows AAL55 canceled on 23 Feb.

Photo N386AA on runway - Manchester

BBC News

That’s a 763? For some reason, I thought all Boeing jets were capable of dumping fuel. Maybe they were having problems with that, too?