AA 55 diversions


Can anybody answer a question I have about American Airlines flight 55? It is a non-stop flight from Manchester, UK to Chicago… the last week or so it has been diverted… the last four days to Bangor, Maine… then an hour or hour and a half later it takes off and goes to Chicago… is this because of the furloughs to flight controllers?

My girl friend is coming to America in May and needs a connecting flight in Chicago, so I am wondering whether to book her on a later flight in Chicago or will these diversions quit by then?

I guess my question is why is the flight being diverted?



The acute cause of the diversion is likely due to low fuel. The 757s are marginal for the TATL routes in the winter.

Staffing issues have closed some north atlantic airspace, which may be contributing to higher fuel burn.


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And Bangor is one of, if not, THE most popular place to land for planes either about to cross or have just crossed the Atlantic for fuel if needed.