Man ditches plane in ocean after running out of fuel


N23BT, a Cessna 310 flying from Monterey, CA to Hawaii ran out of fuel and had to ditch about 15 miles short. Pilot is OK, full story is on CNN. … /KMRY/PHTO


oops. looks like he should have done what he did two days earlier.


Direct: 2,319 sm
Planned: 2,326 sm
Flown: 2,908 sm :open_mouth:

How reliable is that last number? The track doesn’t look like he took the scenic route, but if the flown distance is correct, I can see how he could run out of fuel.


I’m showing:
Direct: 2,016 nm
Planned: 2,326
Flown: 2,024 nm


Here we go again…

Diverted back to SMX 2 days prior… … /KSMX/PHTO


I bet he had a nagging feeling about the return (see the name of the owner). :unamused:


looks like he almost has it nailed this time … /KSMX/PHTO