Malaysian airlines to Beijing lost contact

MH370 to Beijing not looking good.

CNN. A passenger flight carrying 239 people en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is missing, Malaysia Airlines said Saturday.

The airline said in a statement that Subang Air Traffic Control in Malaysia lost contact with Flight MH370 at 2:40 a.m. (1:40 p.m. ET Friday).

Sad about this and also a frightening feeling being reminded how vulnerable we are in a plane. I am anxiously watching my daughters flight today making sure that green line keeps moving…Halfway home now.

I can’t begin to imagine the knot in the hearts of the families waiting and hoping their family member is the one that is the miracle. May they find peace and strength. Life suddenly becomes very precious. Hug the ones you love and let them know it.

Latest news: several passengers were flying under stolen or fake Australian passports. Perhaps another terrorist attack by members of the you-know-who religion?

I guess we should just round up everyone from the “you-know-who” religion. Seems to be a practice that has worked well in the past… :unamused:

I understand that 5 passengers checked on to the flight, but were not on the plane to Beijing. I question that. Does that mean that all 5 had fake or stolen passports, like the 2 that purchased tickets from “Mr Ali” in Iran. Or did they check bags on the plane but did not fly with them?

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Please share your source.

With the news that the planes turn to a southwest heading towards Sumatra, has anyone speculated that this jet might have continued beyond Indonesia and finally ran out of fuel over the Indian Ocean???
If I were the search team I would send over ten planes flying formation one mile apart following the direction the plane last flew straight towards the Indian ocean for 5 hours. Just to make sure there is no debris there.
The planes would fly parallel to each other, one miles apart, that is ten miles for ten planes. Then at the end of five hours, they would turn a wide 180 degree turn in the direction of the ocean current and return.
Who guarantees the plane went down on the Malacca Straight? It could be in Sumatra too.
I have a feeling it went off radar but it kept flying. Faulty radar just like faulty air force for not sending boogies once they saw the plane was flying a return path with no transponders.

Why does Flightaware’s information on the flight end with the plane still over land, when reports say the plane was almost to Viet-Nam when contact was lost?



I find it particularly offensive that in times like this and knowing that many of the passengers are of that religion you speak of, such racist comments are made. Learn to love and respect people for who they are and not as a collective race colour or religion.

I still can’t believe that the authorities say they have looked in the most like locations and found nothing when it would take weeks to scan the ocean floor to locate the wreckage of an aircraft. It’s quite probable that there isn’t alot of surface debris large enough to be seen to aid searchers. We already have an eye witness account of a burning object in the sky with approximate loxcation stated, coupled with the last known transponder position for the aircraft. At every opportunity the Malaysian authorities have been quick to change tack and look out westwards. If I was a relative of one of those poor lost souls I would be demanding a proper search of the South China Sea!! When the aircraft transponder signal was lost they say the aircraft dropped suddenly 650 ft…and then the electronics went off…also the heading of the aircraft altered. This could be the result of a catasptophic event at that location…Don’t give up we need to find the aircraft

Wasn’t talking about the majority of the passengers. Was talking about a few. You know, like a few that boarded American airliners on 9/11. By the way, most of the passengers on MH370 were Chinese and probably the majority, if not all, of these were not Muslims.

By the way you spelled “color” (with a “U”) I take it you are not American. In America we have the right to express our thoughts. If you are offended then that’s too bad.

I respect other religions and people. That does not mean I need to respect the Islam religion. It is a religion that makes women 10th class citizens and treats them as property. It is a religion that says it is perfectly okay to kill a person who refuses to convert to Islam.

You do, of course, realize you are basing your beliefs on an extreme version of Islam or does one size bias fit all?

Well said Jim.

My spelling is New Zealand. We also have freedom of speech there, and a beautiful mix of people.

Freedom of speech is one thing and sweeping generalisations is another. I have friends of many denominations and creeds. It would be like castigating all Germans because of the nazis, or all Norwegians because of the massacre in Norway etc.

As for this flight…something is starting to smell rotten to me.

MF’s got another one. Hostages not victims. You heard it here first!

I’m basing my beliefs on those who are “true Islam believers.” In other words, those who are not extremes but actually follow the tenets of their religion. Those who give lip service to Islam are not those who I am talking about.

I have read press reports that at the time of its disappearance on 8 March, MH-370 was reported to have flown from the general area of waypoint IGARI, to VAMPI and on to GIVAL.

I note that this specific aircraft (9M-MRO) flew from Kuala Lumpur (WMKK/KUL) to Dhaka (VGHS/DAC) on 5 March.

My question for those familiar with such stuff is:… Are VAMPI and GIVAL valid waypoints for a flight from KL to Dhaka?

Could VAMPI and GIVAL waypoints have been saved in the 777 Route Manager (on 5 March), and deliberately, (or inadvertently) selected by an incapacitated flight crew?

Can I know where is VAMPI & GIVAL specific location?

There is no strong evidence that the aircraft turn back after passing PM3 area, Peninsular Msia offshore, according to Flightradar24.

I’did monitor all over the world for few days, no sign of MH370. Flightaware showing MH370 B772 owned by 9M-MRD after the incident.

We need to know what is flight code now registered for 9M-MRO in Flightaware tracking system. I’m from Malaysia and we pray for all the passengers, crew & family.

You may need to go to and punch in the waypoint code in the small box in the top left of the screen, then hit go.

Otherwise,… try this. … 304&zoom=5

GIVAL and VAMPI are bottom right. IGREX is top left. Use the zoom.

Again, my question is… are GIVAL, VAMPI and IGREX on the routine flight path to Dhaka from Kuala Lumpur? This specific aircraft flew KL to Dhaka on 5 March.

For US flights, Flightaware lists the waypoints and routes for a scheduled flight, but I don’t think this facility works for flights outside USA.

If there were a catastrophic incident on the flight deck ,explosive decrompression through the windshield for example, was the last gasp engagement of a stored (previously flown) route in the 777 Route Manager, the last action of the crew?.

Using the FA documented Route for MH370 flown on 9 March (the only one I could find) you will find a fix “A1” between BUNTA and IKELA. The fix “A1” is actually NE of Beijing. If the A/C used on 8 March was fueled for this route via “A1”, then it would have a significantly longer range.
The only other fixes I could find in the world beginning with “A1” are A18C1 and A18F1 both of which are on the RW 18 approach to FZOA (Kindu) in the DRC (a current war zone?).
Insert either A18C1 or A18F1 into the flight plan after the IGARI waypoint where the MS370 flight of 8 March went missing (lost communication" and you get a startling and “co-incidental???” result???
The aircraft makes a 111 degree left turn to fly in a westerly direction back over the Malaysian penninsular.
Interesting is it not???

Should be 8th Mar.