Mach .96 for a 752


Here is a United flight between SEA and ORD and it’s rocketing along at only a leisurely 500+ knots. At one point its GS was 559 kts and for most of the flight at 536 kts. I guess the pilot either had too go really bad or he forgot about the tailwind. Is it appropriate to say that the airplane was flying at Mach .96 (the GS) or would I have to say the TAS Mach number?

No fair! :cry: Dady, how come the pilot won’t go 559 knots for me? :cry:
[/crying child]

Edit: My Avatar is a 734 wing over NV. …And nope, it didn’t get in that other site (which I really don’t care for except for the great quality pictures. Sometimes I see recently uplaoded pictures of the main cabin showing the backs of people’s heads! That’s all that’s in the picture! :open_mouth:

Edit (2): And my one before this, of the SW orca, was destroyed by those stupid airport widows. It IS imposible to get picture through them without getting reflections from the window.


I’ve spotted your namesake with a GS in excess of Mach 1.
Of course, we assume a standard atmosphere for calculating mach, so it could have been a warm day in adition to the winds.