Mooney is 270hp not 310. Love the site !!


I do too, but not the price.


The site = Flightaware = free :wink:


I emailed Mduell a while back about some unusual specs when looking up registrations on FlightAware. As should be obvious, the info comes right from the FAA, which is odd that there were so many discrepancies. For instance I was looking up N-numbers for PC12s and some had the wrong engine type, some had 500hp, some had 750hp, some had 1200hp, some the weights were way wrong.


I looked into a related issue when James contacted me and these errors all exist in the FAA registration database; we’re just repeating what the FAA has on file.


What?! A GOVERNMENT AGENCY with inaccurate information?! Next, I suppose you’ll try to tell me that they actually waste the tax money that I pay each year. Yeah, right. Way to CYA, Mark. :wink: