LOW FLYING Airliner near DFW March 8, 2016


On the morning of March 8, 2016, between 4:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. there was an airliner flying low enough that it shook items sitting on shelves in our house.

There were storms in the area during the time identified above. Below I have tried to provide links that might enable you to pinpoint the location. We routinely have airliners flying over our house as they approach or depart DFW, but high enough so they are not so noticeable.


(32.850276, -97.181988)

Obviously there was no downed aircraft reported so there was no accident; I am wondering if there is a way to 1). Confirm the incident; and 2). Get an understanding as to why the low flyover. If it was not an airliner, I am hoping to find out what it might have been. We have considered the possibility of being a Rumbling Thunder Roll but it had more of a shrill as might would be expected from Jet Engines.

Thank you for any responses this may generate.


Looked at departures and arrivals for DFW at that time and did not see anything over the location you provided. Could have been a helicopter, that was VFR.

You can build a Piaware to see what is flying around your area, and what is flying overhead.


Thanks CBW - I like how fast this works! :astonished:

I appreciate the information and insight you have provided; the helicopter is very possible as we live blocks away from the Fire Station as well as a satellite Emergency Medical center which could have had a critical care patient being picked up.

Looking in to the Piaware you referenced - looks interesting.

Thanks again,