Losing local connectivity


OK this is bizarre.

Pi is a B+, v2.0-4, connecting via wifi.

I was having trouble with the wifi stick crapping out, so I decided to put the DVB-T and the wifi on a powered hub to see if that would stabilize things. It SEEMED to work, but a new problem has come up. I am losing local connectivity to the pi after a half hour or so… however, it’s still feeding data to FA! I can’t ssh to it, ping it, web interface… unless I reboot it. Unfortunately, where it is, I can’t attach it to a TV, but may have to move it so that I can to figure this out.

Anyone ever see this?


Does it show the expected IP addresses in the FA site information section?


Might be getting a new DHCP lease on a different IP (possibly after the network drops out / comes back), assuming you’re using DHCP.
Try setting a static lease?


Well FA was still showing the same local IP…

For troubleshooting, I put the wifi thumb directly on the Pi, and left the SDR on the powered hub. After a half hour or so, I’m still able to get into it locally. How weird?!? I’ll update a little later…


Drats. The old issue came back up (wifi thumb just flat out dies.) Maybe this USB WiFi adapter is a POS. I’m actually moving my cable modem into the same room that the piaware box is in, so I’ll be putting it on wired ethernet soon.

In the meantime I just took a new Pi2 that has been waiting in the wings out of the box and I’m giving it a whirl. Whoa, this thing is quite a bit snappier than the B+.


I was dealing with the similar problem on Pi2. Went through 4 different power supply adapters with no success. Turned out that I initially overclocked the Pi2 to 900Mhz with over voltage and forget about that. I reduced the overclocking to 800Mhz with no over voltage and it is stable now. Is your B+ overclocked?


No overclocking - I literally opened the box today and hooked it up with the SD that the B+ was using. Vital signs still good for now…


B+ overclocking is safe, but Pi2 overclocking is problematic and is best to be avoided.


Yes, I made a post this morning about wifi dongles going into power savings mode.


There is a command you can run to see if it is impacting you.