Looking for an "L" bird to buy


I am in the market for a cheap Piper L-4, Stinson L-5 or Cessna L-19.
I do not want a restored show winner.
I am looking for a project or wreck that I can rebuild with my son and teach him how to work on a plane and then we’d have a plane for him to learn to fly in as well.

I’ve been looking on barnstormers and other sites but thought I’d throw it out here as well.


There were a couple of flyable L2’s on barnstormers earlier this year, nice and cheap compared to the others. Great father/son project, good luck with it.


For those wondering what an L bird is;



You might post that here.


Dave Wiley had on in a hanger at KHIO just prior to his death 4 years ago (L-19)

I don’t have his wifes phone number but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to finddave


It would be helpful to know your price range. I know of several L-5s available for sale at the moment, but don’t know if they are within your price range.



Another Texas boy on here! Yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am looking in the 10-15k range. Rebuildable wreck.

Currently looking at J-5 (AE-1) & and 6’6" John’s L-2 idea won’t work. Tried one on once.


Are any of them that big? I mean after a Lear 35 the L2 would seem palatial.



The L-5’s front cockpit is a LOT roomier than the L-2 or J-3 / L-4. I’ve flown the L-5, L-2, and J-3 / L-4.
I’m not aware of the 10-15K projects, but will keep an eye out.



Now that i am done laughing and have spilled my beer
I thought you would be more supportive of another steam gauge dinojet pilot, especially when my tip tanks are just as big as yours.

I have my own Custom made Oregon Aero seat cushions for the Lear. they give me another 3" of leg room. I remove the regular cushions and put in mine. makes it bearable.

Thats why I am now leaning towards the J-5 (AE-1 ambulance). It is a three seater with the turtle deck litter.
airliners.net/photo/Piper-J- … 1187463/L/


I hate it when I waste beer like that!
I have the opposite problem, short legs even though I’m 5’ 10".
I am about the only pilot I know that actually slides the seat forward and up one notch on the 35. It is amazing that the Lear tanks are almost as big as the G2’s.
I think that is the first time I’ve seen the turtleback in operation, thanks.

According to these guys: warbirdalley.com/l4.htm There may only be around 40 L4’s still around. I wonder if there is an STC for the conversion…hmmmm.


There is an ad on barnstormers from a guy in St. George that has 2 AE1 projects for 20K or one for 12.5K


A lot of genuine L-4s were registered as J3C-65s right after WWII - with some even being converted to J-3 configuration with the rear cockpit glazing taken to J-3 standard.



Yeah, I know a lot of older airplanes have been converted one way or the other. I suppose he could even do the same thing during a rebuild. Most people wouldn’t know the difference without looking at the data plate.


I saw that and the 12.5 one has my eye. Now to get enough time off to jaunt down there.