Anyone got $30,000 to spend on a plane?

Heck of a deal here! … 7-30A.html

Looks like a sweet deal, provided she passes the termite inspection. Nice plane.

You know what they say, if it sounds too good…

This is a good one according to people who know the plane.

It’s been annualed by on of the top Super Viking shops in the country last 6 years.

The owner is leaving the country and needs to sell it fast.

It’s not a perfect airplane.
The panel is clearly 1973.
The upholstery is what it is.
But it’s a sound flying machine.

Wish I had 30k…

Very Nice find Frank…looks very nice. Good A/C times across the board. Now if I could only convince congress (wife) to let me mortgage the house… :laughing: Lets see…bellancaluvr? Vikingman? Just dreaming guys bear with me… :laughing:

I’ sure the wife will understand… :wink::open_mouth:

Even with the wear items on her that’s a sweet little bird for the money.

Scott get called for active duty?

Sweet deal, annual is due along with a soon MOH and maybe a prop, but for 30K you could deal with those issues.

Cest la vie, My priorities are not my own :slight_smile:

I wish.

John in London
freezing my assets off.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: What ya doin in London?

145ktas, isn’t that a bit low, Frank. Is he referring to economy cruise? I know your Viking and numerous others true out around 155-160ish.

Working! stuck at the Stansted airport hotel for maybe 10-15 days… :frowning:

I know the weather probably sucks, but the scenery and life has got to be better. At least you’re not “bored, in Saudi”

light snow most of the day, now the fog has settled in. We don’t see much snow in Jeddah…,
And yes, the scenery is better.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but we spoke about my uncle (also named John) that was a helicopter pilot in Saudi a couple of weeks ago. My grandfather (also named John) lived in Saudi also and was who introduced my aunt (his daughter) to my uncle (his co-worker). He passed away on New Years day and the funeral was held a few days later. After the funeral, our family was going through some notes; scrap-books, letters and things and found out that in addition to working on the Apollo missions for NASA, which we knew about, that he also worked for Lockheed in the late 50’s and early 60’s, helping to design the SR-71 (I’m working to try and find more info on that now.) Additionally, he also authored a book on the design and construction of the King Khalid Airport in Riyadh that took place in the early 1980’s (we had no idea about his book or his SR-71 work). My sister found and purchased the book on Amazon and will be arriving to her house shortly. Pretty interesting stuff - now I know where this aviation bug that I have came from! Sorry, totally off subject, but the Jeddah comment reminded me…

Okay - back to regularly scheduled programming:

Sorry to hear about your Grandfathers passing. It can be a small world sometimes. Sounds like he had an interesting career.



…and a pilots license!

Ohhh yeah, I forgot I need a pilots license… :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: You think I don’t know that. If I had 30k and got the plane, I would rent it to ya, ditto!

You can buy a plane without a pilots license Will. :slight_smile: