Long time no post. Amazon fairy stopped by...

Now I just need some antennas to clear customs, and I can focus on setting up the sites I wanted to last year before Winter came.

Wow! Where are your sites?

Just the one I’ve been running for a while now, in CYEG, but there are many more in the planning stages.

You are probably going to learn some hard lessons.
We have 16 in our little net and another 6 laying on the shelf - most at remote locations.
Things that happen:

House fire; IP provider will not replace line until account is current.
New House move ; Lady of house does not want cable laying around
Overload service; disabled because it slowed internet connection
Dropped service. IP raised prices and host dropped service.
Multiple firewalls. Comercial locations with anal retentive tech manager.

So, we are in the midst of regrouping to attack the reliability problem from a different direction.

House fire, ouch.

These will mostly be placed on existing WISP antenna towers, attached to 24V battery setups with fiber backhauls. I’m not concerned. (I work in telecom and I’m an amateur op, I have access to the good stuff :laughing: ). The only real concerns are using either LMR400 or Heliax depending how far up the antenna is… crap is hard to work with and costly. But hey, aren’t all hobbies…

There’s plenty of relatives houses and stuff I could slap them in but they just aren’t worth the headaches, as you’ve pointed out, so I hold out for the good locations.

Awesome, let everyone know when you start getting them online, sound be awesome.