Site 4656 - KPAE offline today for 2 weeks

I have decided enough with Comcast and have cut the cord as of today. FIOS cannot get here till the 19th … so the station will be offline until then.

Not sure if you are a paying customer or dependent on data provision to keep your premium membership. You could always hook into your cellphone for a couple of hours a day to keep the account alive. (Well, assuming you have a smartphone that will let you tether.)

Looks like it went a lot longer. We had to rebuild the new room and my Construction guy had a lot of other projects (Nephew) so I hope within the next few days to get the antenna moved (so run is still short) and new coax run with Crimp connectors (instead of cheap one I had). Run will be a lot shorter too.

Will post when it comes up (hope it still works :slight_smile: )