Long running Piaware Suddenly fails to connect to Wi-Fi

I am at wits end trying to solve this problem. I have been running a piaware receiver for over 7 years. The current hardware has been running for over two years. It is on a Rasperry Pi 3 Model B plus with a Pro Stick Plus (blue), running on Wi-Fi, through a Netgear R7000 nighthawk wireless router. It running Piaware 7.2. Then, suddenly it stopped working, with no configuration or hardware being changed.

Since I had run two receivers in the past, I had spares of everything, so I began by swapping out parts one at a time, Raspberry Pi, Pro Stick, Power Supply and cable. I even got a new SD card, configured it from scratch, still to no avail. Since I had swapped out everything on the receiver side, I thought possibly the Wi-Fi router, so I tried connecting it to my cell phone hot spot.

It is evidently not connecting to Wi-Fi, it does work fine when connected to ethernet cable. I hooked up a monitor and it says wireless network not configured. Well I have never changed the configuration from when it was working.

Any ideas?
Found Problem. Physical break on Raspberry Pi, spare Raspberry Pi had no Wi-Fi.

Check your piaware-config.txt file and make sure your wifi is set up correctly there. Perhaps that file got corrupted somehow (possible failing SD card?)