Log Periodic Antenna for ADSB

Since adsb antenna is small enough to play with… I am thinking of making one using a PCB board. I have seen many of this antenna used on wi-fi’s. Does anyone here done an experiment of this type of antenna?

I have played around with Log Periodics at lower frequencies and PCB Vivaldies that cover 1090, they work well for their intended task i.e. moderate gain and wide bandwidth. They are both good for for exploring around the bands but for just directional ADSB reception maybe a Yagi would suit better, or Biquads have good directional gain and are relatively easy to get right.

this is one i’ve tested - and proved good …


Tell me if I’m wrong but this is a “normal” Yagi and not a log-periodic ?

Yep thats a yagi, (lots of gain but narrow bandwidth) the log periodics look a bit similar but have lots of bandwidth but not nearly as much forward gain as a yagi


When you have a bit of spare time, :wink: do you think you could measure the length of each element and the spacing of the elements along the boom?

A picture of how the coax connects to the driven element would be good too 8)

I’ve tried building a couple of Yagis in the past with moderate success but taking measurements from a commercial one might help with my next one.


yes the image posted was a YAGI …

Yoy may have missed this request from me. Do you have the time to measure your Yagi?


hi triggers, yes i really missed your post - sorry. at the moment i have my pretzels in the stove - so i go upstairs in the attic to measure. i’ll send you a pm as it’s bit unfair to the antenna developer to propagate their construction on the internet :slight_smile:

Many thanks I have your PM.

RFSpace is planning on an ADSB-optimized Vivaldi, one of my favourite antenna designs.

They also have some antenna designs up on ebay such as this Vivaldi which will work like the log-periodic you’re after.

What is the purpose of a multi element, narrow beamwidth yagi to receive ADS-B? Just curious?

I’ve been trying a Yagi to “see” over some local hills so I can follow planes down to the ground at Heathrow. A couple of my homebuit ones seem to work but are not weatherproof so only come out on sunny days.

I have a homebuilt CoCo which gets out to 300+ km in most directions.