Lockheed L1011 based at KLAS


does any one know the reg number and owner of this white with bllue tail striped aircraft i caught it for my second time this afternoon as it readied for approach from the east. Thanks Ken


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N388LS L1011-500 departing Vegas

N388LS L1011-500 c/n 293A-1249 originally Royal Jordanian Airlines

N389LS L1011-500 c/n 193G-1250 originally Algerian Government -
last L1011 off the production line.

N388LS reported as in service, N389LS reported as stored.


N389LS is used as a “spares” aircraft for N388LS. It’s a shame to see the last L-1011 used like that but the parts are scarce for 388.

N388LS is currently on an 80-day round-the-world trip