Location for MLAT


Where do I enter the location coordinates so my MLAT will work?


Hi Mike
Please see this thread:

For Beginners - How To Set Receiver Location


I am brand new I am not seeing that when I log in.


If you are brand new, you have to first claim your station by going to this site:


NOTE: To claim your station,

  1. You must be on the same local network (LAN/router) to which your Pi is connected.

  2. You must be logged-in to Flightaware


I am looking at my PiAware screen and PiAware 3.5.3 is running, I am receiving data from the receiver, and connected to FlightAware and logged in but cannot get the noticed from them that my server is connected even though it is!!! What now I sent them an email.



I got it, I forgot to enter that long number in. My MLAT is synchronized not too. Thanks for your help.


  1. You wont get any notice. If your status page shows you are connected, that is itself a confirmation.

  2. You have not yet set your location (see screenshot below). Please go to this thread and follow the steps to configure the location

    For Beginners - How To Set Receiver Location