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My local IP site has always been 192.168.0.X but today my feeder went offline so I unplugged and powered up again. All good but the local IP site is now this occurred around 0200 UTC. Has an external source modified something here? Even the formatting on my statistics page has slightly cut off the left side of the web page when viewed with the iPad

Edit: The page formatting has fixed itself but the ip is still awry. When I run Fing and do a scan the old router is showing up but not the local site IP address as indicated in my statistics page.

169.254.* is a link-local address that generally means that DHCP failed.

Okay. Well, I am back sending data to FA but it is still showing up on the stats page as that failed DHCP address. I hate it when my stats gathering is interrupted.

set a static ip address

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I will get around to setting a static IP address. It has restored its IP within 18 hours.

Edit: The strange thing is when I run Fing on the iPad it’s IP is x.x.x.9:8080 and the stats page is saying x.x.x.10:8080. Is something going on behind the scene here?

you don’t need to have fears to share your hole ip, because its internal ip, we can do nothing with them, better is you check your ip and set s static ip, on your router internal webpage, normal is or check your router documentation.
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