Live update DATA


Data in live update will NOT update showing the plane moving or the times. if i log out and come back in it show new movements and times but it just freezes again, this is doing it on 2 different computers and help with this would be great thank you


The data does not update continuously, how long are you waiting?
Over on the left side of the screen under “about flightaware” are the FAQ’s, have you read them. Lots of good site information there.


it doesn’t up date at all. my friend has it and it always update but in my both computer it doesn’t …


It may just be an issue of the refresh time. The refresh time for non-logged in users is 7.5 minutes, vs 1.5 minutes for logged in users. It doesn’t appear you’ve logged into the main website in several weeks. The main site and the forums have separate logins, but the same credentials.


would the refresh time have anything to do with my not seeing little green airplanes when logged in?


No, that’s just a zoom issue.


On my computer it’s a logged in/logged out issue.