live track time stamp

We need to have a time stamp along with the date stamp. I am sure the original information is time stamped, so having that data would tell the user how far behind the current time the information on the page is.

Also, since the live tracking has the airplane icon moving continuously, that movement should be of a different color so as to identify the ‘projected’ position from the last verified time stamped position.

You can view the tracklog to see the timestamp for the last position. It varies from a few seconds to 5 min depending on where the aircraft is and which sources you can see.

The continuous motion doesn’t rely on projecting forward, only between real positions. This causes an additional lag of a few seconds to 1 minute to the most recently known position.

thanks for your answer mduell.
Can you tell me where I can get a central ‘legend’ for the different Flight Aware pages??
Thanks again