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Listen to EAA Fly-over traffic for MSN, MKE, ORD and Plane to Plane

I have set up a client web server in Madison WI to monitor EAA flyover traffic. During the next ten days, OSH will be the busiest airport in the world. You will hear MSN, MKE, ORD, and Plane to Plane. I am using ProScan server software and you can go to the link and download the client software (FREE). Then go to the directory for Wisconsin and you will see “EAA traffic fly over Madison, WI”. select it and you will be able to monitor the air traffic. Download ProScan Free Client 14.6.
If you have any suggestions or comment please feel free to let me know.

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Just where do I go to find this directory .To find WIS ?

Steve / N7DPX / Lakeside,AZ.

Hi Steve,
I’ll send you instructions by the end of the week.

Ok,thank you SIR… 73

Hi Steve, sorry for the delay. Download the Proscan IMG_4744|375x500 I uploaded a picture of the main screen, press the Update tab on the screen (in red letters) then you sort the state/Providence and find Wisconsin. Double click on it and then press the Start tab (Red) you should be running. Good luck

Thanks I will check this out this afternoon…73 Steve / N7DPX / Lakeside,AZ.

Its up and running just fine…BUSY place !! THANKS again for sharing… Steve \ N7DPX

Sorry that the remote Proscanner has been down, due to a power outage at home. I was up at EAA for the past week. So, I’m in the process of resetting the network and will be back up later today.

Hey,no problem Scott. I thought it might be weather related ? We are in our stormy season up here on the mountain and have power drops a lot !!!
Thanks for the heads up…
Steve / N7DPX