LightSpeed Vs. Bose, Make your best argument

So after years of using the ol’ tried and true David Clark non ANR headset i finally tried my friends Lightspeed today for the first time and WOW what an amazing difference immediately! Although the price tag is a little hard to swallow I can justify it as a long term purchase. After doing research it seems it is between the Bose and the LightSpeed, Both seem to rather comparable across all spectrums except the price. The Bose will run about $300 more

I want to hear anyones good and bad experiences with both units, Sound, battery life, bluetooth capabilities, costumer service etc.

Thank you All

I have a pair of lightspeed 30-3G’s that I used during my chieftain driving days, I love the fact that I could listen to my iPod as I was getting the crap beat out of me by the Pacific Northwest weather.
When I used them in Alaska for the Tour gig I did, I did find that the Lightspeed tend to feel like a clamp on your head after 7 hours of flying. But up to 7 hours and you’ll be fine. The Battery’s will last for about 15 hours of flying if you listen to music.
The sound quality is superb and I understand now the Lightspeed Zulu have a bluetooth connection so you can stream music to the headset with out a cord.

Lightspeed has an “any brand” trade in special going on this year.

I used DC13.4X for awhile got tired of the clamping.
Swithched to the Flightcom Denali, felt better, battery life sucked, ear seals were worse and the plastic broke during some realy bad head on the ceiling turbulence.
Borrowed some Bose while deciding what to buy, they were good but the ear cups are a bit small and the seal would open up in turbulence causing the anr to stop for a breif moment, that got annoying.
I now have a set of Zulu’s for the 185, love them and the Mach one in ear for the Lear love it more.

We have 3 Zulu headsets in 2 airplanes and like them best. Customer service is tops. I tried the DClark…max noise cancelling units…X11 or X10 whatever they are called. Cheap feeling, did not seal very well on head…overall a poor choice and a surprise from DClark. Lightspeed will take most anything in trade, to get you one of their headsets. The trade-in prices are fair.

I bought the LS Mach 1 for flying the G200 (eBay for $190)
I like them but I need to get the custome ear molds made. My only complaint right now is with the ear seals I have the boom mike slides down below my mouth or ends up left of my mouth and have to reach up to the mike and hold it to my mouth

Other then that (and I know it’ll be fixed with the custom ear seals) I love the comfortableness of them