I am a student pilot with over 18 hrs of flying now, I really love flying but have a hard time with my headsets, they clamp into my head giving me an headache , I was looking to buy a new pair and found this lightspeed Mach1, please let me know if that is a good choice?


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OK, so all that aside, check out this thread as far as your headset question goes. Now, I will say the thread has morphed into one about pilot sunglasses, also, but we can always bounce between the two because we are all just good like that.


Thanks for that link, but I was wondering if a light weight or a head set with earplugs would be a good choice at this stage?


Too highly a personalized question for anybody to suggest anything.

Only you would be the one to decide this. After all, you have 19 hours, and that is more then enough experience for you to make this decision.



Thanks a lot!!


I just tried a set of Bose X. Unbelievable how light and comfy they are.
About $1000 :open_mouth: This will be what I purchase if I ever need a headset.


yea I have herd that the Bose headsets are good, but am not sure if i want to spend a $1000 at this stageā€¦!!!


As Leiberma suggested, this is a difficult thing to pin down as it is very subjective. I can tell you that the lightweight David Clark H10-13.4 are very comfortable, and priced around $300. BTW, my first pair of David Clarks are now 20 years old and have never needed anything more than a new headpad, earseals, etc, and survived several years of 8 hr a day instructing, freight hauling and so on. If you are serious about flying, spend the money and get a good headset, not a $99 pair that kill your head. Perhaps a local pilot shop can let you test fly some of the different offerings. Good luck.


I will go try a headset at a pilot shop before buying any, thank you.