Headset Help!

Im going to College in Sept as an aviation major and I need to purchase a new headset, Im thinking of getting a LightSpeed QFR solo SSc, or a Flightcom Denali II Passive Headset. I know they are two different headset, but i like them each for different reasons and have heard good things about both. I cant really spend any more than 300 on one so I’m trying to get the best for my money. Any input or suggestions on any other headsets would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Take a look at this discussion: Headsets for a new pilot

thanks, I read that before I posted and Im leaning towards the lightspeed, but I had heard good things about the Flightcom, and wanted to get another opinion from some actual pilots that have/had the head set

You should try to keep the discussion there rather than start a new discussion. That way everything’s in one place on the topic. Many people have the forum set up so that they can tell when a new posting is posted to a topic.

okay will do, i only started a new one because the discussion turned from headsets to sunglass, but i’ll gladly post one there as well

Welcome to the wonderfully strange world of the FlightAware forum! You’ll find that we quite often start on topic A only to end up with topics B, C, and D! But it is refreshing to have the topic actually turn back to A - rare, but refreshing. :smiley:

haha good to know. Thanks :smiley: