Lightning Arrestor


Hello once more!

I’m building my Raspberry Pi ADS-B tracker and I am going to use a collinear antenna on top of a 3meter mast. After the Raspberry Pi I will have a direct ethernet connection with my ethernet switch (with something like 20m Cat6 cable).

I’m thinking that I have to use a Lightning Arrestor/Protector after the antennas N connector. Something like this one:

Is this a good idea or not? Do you think that a lighting strike on an antenna like that is possible or not? Will I have signal reception issues using this protector?


I think the only way to know its impacts on the reception will be to try it to see if it attenuates the signal. A lightning strike is always possible, it can damage things via a direct hit or unexpected paths.

I recently had a lightning strike a tree over 300 meters away that took out my Raspberry Pi power supply. The Pi and radio dongle were not affected as the voltage surge apparently came through the electrical service ground connection, so don’t overlook protection for the power source.



I have one fitted and i cant tell its in circuit.