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Are antennas safe during lightning storms?

Hi all,

I don’t have much knowledge in regards to antennas.

Anyway, there is a storm due soon so would like to know if 1090mhz antennas are safe? Is there any way to protect my antenna from lightning? Is it at risk of being struck?

As I said I don’t know much, please don’t have a go at me for being dumb lol. I just need an answer. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a bunch!

The post quoted below is a bit too detailed for someone who wants a quick and short answer for protecting his antenna from lightning. However it is worth reading to get an overall picture of lightning protection.



I’ve been feeding FA for a couple of years and lightning has caused the demise of:
2 Raspberry Pi’s 3B with fried RJ45 ports
1 RTL-SDR preamp with a fried chip (this week!)