Legal Flight?

There must not have been any passengers on this flight, or else SWA is in violation of the Wright Amendment?

Originally scheduled DAL-STL-PHL, but the STL leg was cancelled and it went straight to PHL. … /KDAL/KPHL

In case anybody isn’t familiar with this silly waste of time law.

Look at the full flight routing.
The flight’s original routing is DAL-STL-PHL-PBI-TPA-BWI. It’s legal within the stupid Wright Amendment. The fight into and out of STL was canceled due to a little storm action.

Amendments to the original amendment allowed Southwest to amend their ticketing practices. They are now allowed to sell one-stop tickets to points outside of the original amendment zone. In my not very legal opinion a closed airport and the subsequent overflight of that city has no bearing on the type of ticket sold.

These are currently technically violations of Wright since the merger closed but Southwest has announced an arrangement to gradually stop these flights.