Open Seating on Southwest Poll


Because I don’t know how to - or if it’s possible to - create a poll after a topic is started, I’m starting a new topic with a poll on the question of Southwest Airlines and its confirmed seating experiment.


Last option is AWESOME!!


Thought there might be one or two people here who would like that option.


The “liberal” option is funny, but quite inaccurate. Any REAL liberal would state that if any one option offends him/her, than NONE of the above may hold true for ANYBODY, and their lawyers would be contacting you about removing the entire poll and paying for the damage done to their fragile psyche.


That’s correct-a-mundo, Plane!

P.S. I checked my p.m.


Very thorough and extensive set of options. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I tried to cover all bases.


But still not quite enough…

What about “Don’t know - I’ve never flown SW, so I pick NONE of the above”. Now I feel like my civil rights have been violated!

…SO - Can you change it???


I don’t see anything that allows me to change the poll. That was a question I was going to put in but forgot.

I’m pretty sure I’ll need to call the ACLU (American Communist Legal eUnuchs) because my “right” to change this poll has been abridged!


Damn…we didn’t even make it 5 posts!



And I’m so proud that it was done on a topic I started!


I think you can edit the poll. Edit the ‘message’ body below the poll…I think…
Also typo in one of the options. “tried them once or twice and wont fly them again until they go to assigned seating”


I’m telling ya, dami is slipping on us!


Would you believe it’s not a typo but a statement of wonder at how people cannot enjoy open seating? Would you believe the computer ate my apostrophe? Would you believe I should make a poll on if I’m slipping?

I tried editing the first posting under the poll but couldn’t change the poll.

By the way, even though I picked the first option in the poll, truth be known I would have picked the first two options if possible.


does southwest have only 737s? I’ve only flown on an airline once (round trip) for a school trip from providence to washington dc. but i flew southwest because my friend told me the flight attendants were funny. I had no idea they had open seating. It was so cool. By the way it was in 737s both ways.








jesus christ everybody gets mad when i ask a damn question. i only flew once with them



The sigh was the culmination of a long series of emotions after reading your posts, not just this one.
Ignorance of the facts is forgivable, but attitude is not.