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Layers...or lack thereof


I am quite new to the FA community but enjoy it. In a not to distant previous life I worked for a certain branch of the US DoD and scheduled fixed and rotary wing to use the bombing range where I worked.

Fast forward to present day…why do we not have any layers functionality so we can add any possible say…Special Use Airspace (SUA) or MOA’s when we are looking at our SkyAware? South of me I have Townsend Bombing Range, across the street I have Fort Stewart, and east of me I have the Wiskey’s (Air to Air) used by the USMC, USAF in conjunction with the Combined Readiness Training Center (CTRC) @ KSAV.

So say, you add on a layer that lists the MOA for Townsend. You would then hover over it or click it, and you would see that R3007A is restricted from 0-230 FL.

Just an idea.

Do you have a source of map tiles for the layer that you want?

Well, here is the website that lists all of the active MOA’s. Long story short, not every agency gets their SUA’s 24/7…there are “limits”. That being said, when they are activated, they pop up on this website.

If you go to SE Georgia, you will see R3005…which is Ft Stewart. They are always active because they have live fire training that goes on day and night, along with fixed, rotary wing and a lot of other stuff…rockets…etc.


Scroll through and you have coordinates for pretty much everything we are discussing!!!

To integrate this with skyaware, you’d need this in a format that OpenLayers can use as a layer source (a vector layer is probably most suitable for this type of data)